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Burger hotel between cliffs becomes online hit更多>>
[Photo by Cai Zengle/Asianewsphoto]. 2020-10-21
Tao Wei, a police officer in charge of the case, said the car was partially damaged, with airbags deployed and a front hub twisted. 2020-10-15
On Thursday, Colonel Yang Yujun said at a news conference that China will consider developing aircraft carriers in accordance with its national defense needs. 2020-10-31
Other aspects include Alibabas ecosystem pillars of big data, logistics and finance. 2020-10-6
The Chinese market will benefit its BRICS partners in many sectors, such as consumer goods from South Africa and Russia. 2020-10-28
Health ministry officials said of the 17 passengers who arrived at the Delhi airport, one person has been found to have fever and sore throat which is associated with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) besides other diseases. 2020-10-14
6 the previous month, the lowest number since September. 2020-10-24
Chinas first Cybersecurity Law, which takes effect in June, will play an important role in clarifying the responsibilities of governments, enterprises and individuals in cyberspace and measures on how to deal with cyber emergencies, the report said. 2020-10-30
Shanghai to host top riders in five-star event更多>>
Power supplies to 7,536 households in the area were severed, and 23,600 households lost their gas supply. 2020-10-11
The storm has also forced 1,800 ships to return to harbor in south China, as well as led to the evacuation of 8,000 tourists on Weizhou Island. 2020-10-28
The general quality of vocational schools will be improved with better school facilities and better faculty and staff. 2015-12-6
This is our first time to take part in the expo, said Valeri Krasnov, Vi Holdings vice-president. 2018-11-14
Better public transportation and the use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles will be encouraged, and the number of cars on the road will be controlled. 2019-7-12
I plan to run for president, Tymoshenko told a press conference. 2015-11-9
Besides attacks on medical workers, many hospitals also face a growing number of protests instigated by groups, including organized crime groups, which try to disrupt or threaten their work for financial gain. 2015-8-17
Qin looks forward to the day when he is bigger and can help his grandfather more on the farm. 2018-12-14
In late 2013, it said it would cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan.
According to an article in October on the Rodong Sinmun website, the country has designated 14 new special economic development zones this year.
The Ministry of Commerce recently approved the establishment of an industrial park in Qingdao, Shandong province, with the aim of enhancing business ties between Europe and Asia, Qingdao Daily reported on March 23.
[Gao Eqiang/Asianewsphoto].
Skiing offers a healthier and more exciting choice, said Zhang Jian, a white-collar worker in Changchun.
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Security problems and liability if there is an accident remain public concerns since the rides are free.  After the Beijing government began funding such a program for stray cats in 2008, the number of stray cats receiving the treatment rose significantly, according to city officials.
On capacity building, Wang said that the Chinese government has carried out strict regulation over manufacturing, stockpiling, use, transportation, trade and confiscation of small arms and light weapons according to law, and standardized the administrative examination and approval procedures.  86 million Chinese visitors arrived in Singapore last year, up 36 percent year on year.
Belles at the debutante ball更多>>
The typhoon halted traffic in and out of the province. 2019-7-2 
Another Chinese team member, Zhang Jingchuan, reportedly hid in a drain and was later rescued. 2019-1-29 
He reported the problem to the telecom company, but there was no improvement. 2017-8-18 
According to local media reports, the fund is reportedly the biggest investment fund in provinces history. 2018-2-11 
The Tuesday meeting also approved a guideline regarding marine areas and uninhabited islands. 2018-5-29 
1 percent from the previous year, accounting for more than 80 percent of Beijings local GDP. 2016-11-2 
But many think the presidents trip to the restaurant will help boost time-honored traditional brands. 2015-9-6 
  Huang Kunming == Member of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee更多>>
Schwab said the forum also is interested in innovative approaches China has taken in infrastructure finance and trade. 2015-5-9 
Its a big step to push forward the ongoing reform on government vehicles to control large spending, said Yan Jirong, a professor at Peking Universitys School of Government. 2019-12-11 
I had no choice but to abandon them in the fields, Bian said. 2018-1-23 
On June 2 the township of Hallstatt, county of Boluo and China Minmetals Corp signed a memorandum of cooperation in Boluo. 2019-2-26 
Her brand, Tanya Heath Paris, launched in 2012 after three years of working with a team of engineers, shoe designers and technicians. 2015-1-21 
One female doctor, surnamed Wang, from Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said agent provocateurs often roamed hospital corridors looking to sign up clients, who were often in a state of grief or otherwise emotionally vulnerable. 2015-10-8 
At the beginning of the year, a target was set of 13 percent more tourists and 23 percent more revenue, with the aim of more than 100 billion yuan in revenue by 2015. 2017-5-17 
China dominates world ranking of fintech firms更多>>
The administration predicted that direct investment in tourism this year will jump by more than 20 percent from last year to 1. 2015-1-30 
This technology is not available in existing machines on the market,” Shangguan said. 2015-8-12 
The court held a public trial on the robbery case at the playground of a middle school in the district. 2015-3-6 
She now owns a consulting company. 2019-4-23 
People should avoid stimulating their nerves and stomachs with alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and spicy or sugary foods and drinks for four hours before going to bed. 2015-3-3 
Chinas new enthusiasm for winter sports is perfectly matched by Austrias expertise in the manufacturing of equipment in this sector. 2016-3-25 
The medical liability insurance pays only in the event of unsatisfactory results caused by medical malpractice. 2016-3-17 
Heizmann said Volkswagens current focus is the plug-in hybrid due to its feasability and cost. 2019-2-16 
  Bank of Chinas overseas arms boost profit更多>>
The first Rubber Duck was born in 2007 in the Netherlands, and the creator Hofman started his journey with the duck from Saint-Nazaire, France, and so far the duck has traveled 23 cities in 11 countries. 2017-5-17 
Then they hook and pull the fishing net through the holes to create a net under the thick ice. 2015-3-2 
The Belt and Road Initiative is by far the biggest economic project and no wonder why developing countries are attracted by its potential investment in infrastructure they badly need. 2016-10-23 
I, at least, have never seen anything like it. 2015-3-10 
New businesses are emerging and the government should take a prudent path to manage these new economic drivers, which can also contribute to an increasing number of employment opportunities, the premier said. 2016-4-15 
The school has choreographed a special set of morning exercises combining traditional martial arts and poetry recitation since the beginning of this spring semester. 2016-7-17 
BEIJING - China has seen a surge in registered teachers as the country tries to improve the status and salary of the profession, the Ministry of Education said on Monday. 2018-6-22 
Gottfried Hirnschall, director of the HIV/AIDS department of the World Health Organization, said, Adolescents need health services as well, tailored to their needs. 2019-8-29 
Instrument makers dance to a traditional tune更多
Co-working space sector set to boom更多
  The 2017 China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) will take place during September 18 – 21 in Xiamen, with a number of networking events tailored for BRICS countries and economies linked to the Belt and Road Initiative, said its organizers on Wednesday. Some of the cases involved imports and exports at the Qingdao Port, which is already at the center of a commodity financing scandal and under investigation by the authorities, said Wu Ruilin, deputy director of the inspection department at the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. The vast majority of jobs are currently going to Southeast Asia. The regions suitable natural conditions, including sufficient sunlight, fertile soil and its appropriate altitude, are very beneficial for growing bananas. Afu poses at Hangzhou high-speed train station in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Aug 22, 2016.
  A yachting marina with 26 berths has already been established in Xiangshan county, Zhejiang province, which is one of the most important fishing areas in China, and a larger marina with 120 berths is on the drawing board, said Qiu Jinyue, deputy head of Xiangshan county. 6-liter with six-speed DCT149,900 yuanExperience Plus1. Investors dont have the criteria to evaluate the kindergartens they spend money on. The courts dealt with 7,719 cases relating to the trafficking of children and women from 2010 to last year and sentenced 12,963 people, according to official figures.